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There are 3 main types of fishing available in the Northern Territory of Australia Run-off, Saltwater, and Freshwater.


This is every Barra (Barramundi) fisher person’s favourite time. After the wet season monsoons have finished, the surplus of fresh water is running off the wetlands into the Territory’s major river systems. With the huge amount of water, is an abundance of food and the hungry Barra, in feeding mode, concentrate at small feeder creeks. This is when cricket scores of Barra can be caught casting lures or flies into the feeder creeks. Rivers, like the Mary, Daly, Finnis and Adelaide produce huge Barra and plenty of them when these rivers are firing. Run-off time is usually end of February to mid April – it just depends on how big and how late the wet is.


My favourite saltwater fishing trips usually entail fishing in large estuaries, like Bynoe and Darwin Harbours. On the low tide, casting or trolling for Barramundi until the tide starts moving in, then heading out along the headlands and reefs in search of blue water sports fish like Queenfish, Trevally, Mackerel and Tuna. On the high tide drop the anchor over a reef and try your luck on the Jewfish and Snapper. Estuary fishing also allows you to try sight fishing. Sight fishing involves poling the boat slowly along the sand or mud flats on the rising tide, keeping a sharp eye out for Threadfin Salmon, Barramundi and many other fish that cruise the flats looking for an easy meal. Here a good caster with lure or fly could experience some extremely exciting fishing. Crab pots can also be supplied (on request) if a feed of mud crabs tempts the palate. Saltwater fishing is available all year round, but April to December are the best months.


Fishing the Territory’s fresh water Billabongs is seeing the “real” Territory. The best place for the skilled fly fisher, beginner or expert fisher person. Saratoga, Barramundi and Catfish are lined up to scoff a well presented fly or lure in amongst the giant water lilies; getting them out can present a different story. Slow trolling along these magical waterways is a sure way to entice a decent Barra to eat your lure. Sitting back in comfort learning about the wetland ecosystems, crocodiles, buffalo and abundant bird and wildlife while you photograph or just enjoy it, is a great way to see and feel the Northern

Territory, as well as catch a Barra. Freshwater fishing is available from May to December.

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